Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine

Volume 1, Number 2, June, 2008

  Original article

Epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in Burkina Faso
Simpore J, Zeba B, Karou D, Ilboudo D, Pignatelli S, Nacoulma OG, Musumeci S
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  Bioinhibition of diarrhogenic Gram-positive bacterial pathogens by potential
indigenous probiotics

Adenike A.O. Ogunshe
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  Plasmid mediated multiple antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from
community acquired infection of urinary tract in Aligarh hospital

Asad U Khan, Saeedut Zafar Ali, Mohammed S Zaman
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  Cloning and expression of Neisseria meningitides luxS gene
Bahram Kazemi , Nazila Baghalzadeh-Mohammadi, Reza Hadavi, Mojgan Bandehpour,
Elham Ghayour, Majid Moghbeli, Kazem Parivar
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  Serum TC/HDL-C, TG/HDL-C and LDL-C/HDL-C in predicting the risk of myocardial
infarction in normolipidaemic patients in South Asia: A case-control study

Arun Kumar,Ramiah Sivakanesan
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  Short communication
  Non habitual microscopic forms of Histoplasma capsulatum in disseminated disease
male albino rats

Bava AJ, Garro S, Troncoso A
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  Case report
  Report of an unusual renal mass: Primary renal lymphoma——Difficult procedure for
laparoscopic surgery

Seyedeh Atefeh Emadi, Marzieh Akbarpour, r. Shahram Azhdari
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  Asymptomatic eosinophilia due to enterobiasis in a child: A case report
Yann A. Meunier
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  Ulcerated labial lesion
Bava Javier, Troncoso Alcides
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  Brainstem tuberculoma in an immunocompetent patient
Amit Agrawal, Brij Raj Singh, Sameer Harode
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  Review article
  Schistosomiasis and the Philippine campaign
Cristóbal S. Berry-Cabá
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  Replication of human herpes virus 1 (HHV-1) as a ubiquitous virus: A mini review
Mohammad Derakhshan
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  Opportunistic ocular infections in AIDS
Shikha Baisakhiya DOMS, FGO
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  Documented outbreaks of botulism: the impact of foodborne transmissio
Victoria Rebagliati, Sabrina Chianelli, Mariela Tornese, Laura Rossi, Alcides Troncoso
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  Ribozymes: an anti-viral agent
Asad U. Khan and Shahper N. Khan
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